Can we choose the registration of the car in Spain?

With the pollution problems and traffic restrictions that have been experienced in some cities, prioritizing the circulation of vehicles based on the license plate number, the 'whim' of personalizing the license plate has become almost a necessity. Is it possible to choose  license plate frames for car registration?

Since 2000, Spain has used the European license plate model, which consists of 4 digits and 3 letters , accompanied by the European flag on the left side of the plate. In addition, Spain has also established a telematic registration system that has been refined since 2009. The main objective of telematic registration is to transfer the vehicle documentation that we previously had in paper format to electronic format, with the advantage of automation of administrative processes.

Before the year 2000, registrations began with the initial of each province (M for Madrid, B for Barcelona, V for Valencia, etc ...) followed by four numbers and two letters , which were combined in alphabetical order. The official reasons for changing this system was to eliminate provincial distinctions, favoring the second-hand market and adapting to the common European system for a more fluid and simple circulation between EU countries.

As we have already mentioned, currently the license plates combine four numbers , ranging from 0000 to 9999 , and three letters , starting with BBB and ending with ZZZ. The vowels, the 'Q' and the Ñ 'are excluded. This system allows a total of 80,000,000 registrations, that is, approximately 40 years without exhausting the different combinations.

Can we choose registration in Spain?

Although in some countries it is possible to have a personalized license plate , in Spain they are not allowed. The only possibility of "customization" can occur, although it is not usual, when buying a zero kilometer vehicle from a dealer. If the dealer in question has several cars of the same model registered (kilometer zero), the customer could have the possibility to choose between one car or another, which are totally the same, depending on the license plate number. However, as we have already mentioned, this is not common.

In the United Kingdom, the sale of license plate numbers is allowed and in the United States, drivers and vehicle owners can choose the design and drawing they prefer for their license plate. In addition, in Dubai there are license plate auctions and a few months ago we told you how a sheikh paid more than four million euros to wear the number 1 on the plate of his Pagani Huayra.